▼ISION▲IR _____________ 3.16.2011

WOW … 少し前に「2011年もっともエキサイティングなニュース」のなかでピックさせて頂いたアーティスト「VERBAL」氏のソロアルバム「VISIONAIR(ビジョネア)」が … 遂に3月16日にリリース …。濃いのなんのって、参加アーティスト(安室奈美恵 , Jermaine Dupri , John Fontein (KOZM®) , Lil Wayne , Lucas Valentine (KOZM®) , MADEMOISELLE YULIA (KOZM®) , Major Dude(KOZM®) , Minami (CREAM) , Nicki Minaj , Shinich Osawa , SHUNYA , スグル ヤマモト™(KOZM®) , Swizz Beatz)はもちろん、ディレクションがカッコ良すぎる。さすがのYOON氏。EXCITING!!! フォトグラファーには、DAZEDi-Dなどで活躍するダニエル・サンウォールド(Daniel Sannwald)が抜擢。納得。VERBAL – “VISIONAIR” WEBSITE HERE.

If Verbal hasn’t been seen out and about recently it’s because he’s been putting the finishing touches to his debut solo album ‘▼ISION▲IR’ that will be released March 16th. An impressive roster of artists unlike that have ever appeared on any other Japanese album include Lil’ Wayne, Swizz Beats, Nicki Minaj and Jermaine Dupri alongside home grown Japanese talent such as Shinichi Osawa and Namie Amuro. I have heard a few of the tracks and I can’t wait to hear them in the clubs, this stuff is game changing and it’s going to be an exciting year to follow and photograph Verbal. The art-work for the album was created by acclaimed photographer Daniel Sannwald adn Art-Directed by Yoon (AMBUSH®). ▼ISION▲IR will be released March 16th.