東京を拠点に活躍するイギリス出身フォトグラファー、ダン・ベイリーと、スタイリストとして活動するジョーの2人によって、2008年に誕生した「tokyodandy.com(トウキョウダンディ)」。東京の視点に着目し、ハイファッションとストリート ファッションの架け橋となる様々な情報(ファッション、アート、音楽、写真)を発信。

2010年、WWD JAPANが選ぶ「2010年の注目の業界人14人」に選出。MTV主催「G-STAR ROW BLOG CONTEST」では 最優秀賞を受賞。2006年に設立されたイギリス媒体「ビジネス・オブ・ファッション(BoF)」の2014年、2015年度と2年連続で「世界のファッション業界を形成する人たち」500人に選出(こちら)。

Tokyo Dandy is an independent web magazine/blog started by Dan Bailey and Joe in 2008. Identifying a gap in the Japanese media between High Fashion and street style, Tokyo Dandy crosses boundaries to document underground parties and fashion events under the umbrella of Tokyo-Pop-Culture. Together with bilingual news and profiles covering both Japanese and International Fashion, Art, Music and Photography, Tokyo Dandy has become Tokyo’s favorite blog amongst Tokyo’s street style kids and international fashions inner circle alike.

Featuring on Business of Fashion’s TOP 500 people influencing the Global Fashion Industry in 2014, named ‘most influential blog’ by WWD Japan in 2010, winning MTV/G-Star’s Top Blog competition and receiving a special creators prize from Rado are just a few of the accolades which have recognized Tokyo Dandy’s influence. The pair have been chosen for special collaborations with brands such as Christian Dior, Marc Jacobs & Prada as well as Magazines including Commons & Sense and Vogue Japan. Their activities have seen them flown around the world from New Zealand to Hong Kong, Los Angeles to Florence and multiple trips to NYC. Besides hosting their own parties, Tokyo Dandy have DJ’ed at events for LOEWE, CK ONE, YSL BEAUTY, H&M and Louis Vuitton’s FNO After-party.

Whilst all this experience is well and good, Tokyo Dandy is bigger than just the two people who run it. It’s a celebration of Tokyo and the people we’ve been able to meet and forge solid friendships and partnerships with. The key events below demonstrate how Tokyo Dandy have documented the past 4 years of Tokyo Pop Culture (click on a title to view the article). All the bits between are documented in ‘DISPOSABLE LIVES’, our Twitter (@tokyo_dandy) and on our instagrams @tokyodandy & @joe_tokyodandy.