ADELE for British Vogue + Interview & Live Performance

イギリス出身のシンガーソングライター、アデル(ADELE)が、ジョナサン・ロス(Jonathan Ross)司会のトーク番組「Tonight With Jonathan Ross」に出演。どんなトークも軽々とこなすおしゃべりジョナサン・ロス。それはさておき … 全世界で大ヒット中の「Someone Like You」をMTVアワードで披露したADELEが、UK版 VOGUE表紙に登場。

Adele gives British Vogue one of their most beautiful covers in a long time for October 2011. Noone deserves the cover more than the singing sensation who has become a global superstar in the past few months. Her raw biogrpahical lyrics and amazing voice give way to a charming, witty and funy personality you can see in the interview above with Jonathan Ross.