“生きることはセンチメンタルな旅であり、なおかつ彼にとっては写真を撮り続けることがセンチメンタルな旅である。” 荒木陽子

アマナサルトは、荒木経惟氏の個展「センチメンタルな旅 – コンプリート・コンタクトシート(Sentimental Journey—The Complete Contact Sheets)」をIMA galleryにて開催する。


Araki is showing no signs of slowing down, if anything he’s working more than ever. He photographed Kiko for the debut issue of i-D Japan (out now), and he has not one but two exhibitions opening in Tokyo this month, at both the Taka Ishii Gallery and IMA concept store.

Taka Ishii Gallery presents Araki’s solo exhibition “Photo-Mad Old Man A 76th Birthday.” This exhibition, which will be Araki’s 23rd with Taka Ishii Gallery, will feature nine color works from the “Photo-Mad Old Man A 76th Birthday” series and 471 black and white works from his latest series “Tombeau Tokyo,” also included in his large-scale solo exhibition shown at the Musée Guimet in Paris since April this year. The works selected from “Tombeau Tokyo” have never been shown before.

nobuyoshi-araki-taka-ishii-galleryImage from Nobuyoshi Araki “Photo-Mad Old Man A 76th Birthday” at Taka Ishii Gallery


荒木経惟個展「センチメンタルな旅 – コンプリート・コンタクトシート」
時間:11:00 – 19:00

Nobuyoshi Araki “Photo-Mad Old Man A 76th Birthday”Dates: May 25 – Jun 29, 2016Taka Ishii Gallery

The second of Araki’s exhibitions opening, also on May 25th, takes a new look at his seminal work ‘Sentimental Journey’. Self-published, and limited to 1000 copies, ‘Sentimental Journey’ was released back in 1971 and is now recognized worldwide as an epoch-making masterpiece. 18 contact sheets, i.e. a total of 653 cuts will be presented for the first time. IMA will also display and sell an archive of Araki’s photography books, including many rare and out-of-print publications.

プリント“Sentimental Journey – The Complete Contact Sheets”, 1971/2015 © Nobuyoshi Araki / Courtesy of amanasalto

“Sentimental Journey — The Complete Contact Sheets” IMA CONCEPT STORE May 25 – July 9 2016