新プレミアムコンパクトカー「Audi A1」の発売を記念して、2011年1月11日(火)渋谷のイベントホール ベルサール渋谷ファーストにて開催された「Urban egoist A1 Night in SHIBUYA」。会場には新しく登場した新プレミアムコンパクトカー「A1」が数台展示されていたほか、タレントでミュージシャンのDAIGOとモデルのマリエの登場に会場は大盛り上がり。また、エネルギッシュでクレイジーなパフォーマンスを見せつけたTRIPPLE NIPPPLESの登場に、会場はヒートアップ(HERE)。さらに、DJ/音楽プロデューサーとして活躍するテイ・トウワ(TOWA TEI)のDJサバキに、ラストを飾った我らがVERBAL。そして … 「Audi A1」CMキャラクターに抜擢した、ジャスティン・ティンバレーク(Justin Timberlake)。銃撃戦に巻き込まれる彼の演技に注目。題して、「the next big thing」。(下記映像)AUDI A1 SPECIAL WEBSITE

Tuesday night we dropped by the launch party ‘URBAN EGOIST’ night for the AUDI A1 in Tokyo. We didn’t realize what a huge event it was going to be and hadn’t planned on taking photos but the production was fantastic and when we found out that both the TRIPPLE NIPPPLES and VERBAL were performing we knew it was going to be a great event. VERBAL was not just the headlining DJ, he’s the ambassador for the AUDI A1, to put that into perspective, Justin Timberlake is the American Ambassador, he’s made a series of short films, the first for which is below. With drag queens and performers on stage setting the scene for the sexy little red hatch back, is was soon the turn of the TRIPPPLE NIPPPLES. I made a video on my iphone which is here, the quality of the filing doesn’t do their performance justice, they were fantastic. Japanese music legend TOWA TEI was next to hit the stage, but the biggest cheers of the night were reserved for VERBAL who debuted some sick sounding new M-FLO remixes. A great night by AUDI.