bal 2013 S/S – The Past and The Future

写真家、森山大道の対談本「過去は常に新しく、未来はいつも懐かしい」に共鳴し、「The past is always fresh.The future constantly bring nostalgia」と題した2013年春夏コレクション。個人的に気になったのは50年代を感じさせるアトミック調のセットアップ。

Japanese street wear brand bal present their S/S 2013 Collection ‘The Past and The Future’. The look book’s titled ‘The past is always fresh.The future constantly bring nostalgia’, a lament on the brands atomic generation 50’s retro look through thoroughly modern fabrics and silhouettes. A traditional jinbei style top made from denim in articular is a stand out piece.

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