モノづくりの背景にあるカルチャーや彼らの物語、Amazon Fashionが立ち上げた”AT TOKYO”と言うなの新プロジェクト。渋谷のVISION(クラブ)に人が集まりだした22日の夜、ディレクター・渡辺真史が手がける「BEDWIN & THE HEARTBREAKERS」2017年秋冬コレクションがライブ形式で発表された。切っても切れないファッションと音楽の関係性、注目すべき若手3組(5lack, Kandy Town, Yahyel)のライブパーフォーマンス。BEDWINの衣装を身に纏いそれぞれが独特の音楽を披露、特に印象に残ったラストのYahyel(ヤイエル)、ヴォーカル、サンプリング、シンセサイザー、VJ、ドラムの5人からなるYahyel。

BEDWIN公式ページのイメージでは、東京のストリート、ナイトシーンから誕生したKILLA Crewのメンバーが登場。

giphy (50)5lack live for Bedwin & The Heart Breakers

giphy (49)Yahyel live for Bedwin & the Heartbreakers

Bedwin & the Heart Breakers were one of the three brands introduced by AT Tokyo, Amazon’s own pick of brands to present during Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo. BEDWIN took the opportunity to do something other than a runway show curated a night at Shibuya club VISION. Between DJ’s, Tokyo Artsits 5.L.A.C.K, Kandy Town and Yehyal performed wearing Bedwin’s take on the American workwear that Japan does so well. In a week where a lot of what you see is contrived fashion for the sake of fashion, this night was a heart warming reminder of fashion’s beautiful relationship with music and how the two are Inextricably linked in popular culture. We missed out on Kandy Town due to the DISCOVERED show, but 5LACK was pure good vibes and we found a new favourite in yehyal.

This isn’t the first time BEDWIN have worked with up and coming Tokyo artists, their current look book features our friends from KILLA Crew, click to take a look here.

killa-crew-bedwin-hearbreakersKILLA CREW for Bedwin & The Heart Breakers