ZARAの姉妹ブランドとして2011年3月に東京・渋谷に上陸する「BERSHKA(ベルシュカ)」。「BERSHKA」は、1998年にスペインで創業した10代から20代の年齢層をターゲットととしたカジュアルファッションブランド。「ZARA」よりも安く手頃な物が多いのはもちろん、センター街のど真ん中にやってくるスペイン出身の「BERSHKA」。続々と進出するファストファッション!BRESHKA WEBSITE.

When posters announcing that ‘Bershka’ was ‘coming soon’ on the windows of the Zero Gate building in Shibuya (where La Fabrique was shut down) we had no idea what the brand was. These images from their S/S 2011 campaign peaked our interest, and it would seem Bershka is part of the Inditex Group, the Spanish company which counts ZARA as one of it’s other stores. It looks a lot younger than its Spanish sister company, and the SPA / Fast Fashion take over of Shibuya continues as Berska joins the huge new Forever 21, Zara, H&M and Uniqlo within the area. Bershka Shibuya is set to open in March.