「STUBSTANCE」をテーマに氷中に身を隠す衣服たちを披露した(コチラ)前シーズンの「クリスチャン・ダダ(CHRISTIAN DADA)」が、3月18日に2013/14年秋冬コレクションを発表した。


気になるコレクションは、「FENGHUANG(神話と現代)」をテーマにあらゆる生物からインスピレーションを受けたよう。繊細な刺繍に透き通ったレース、プリーツ、サイドファスナー、変形パンツとディテールに目がいってしまった。カラーパレットは、黒をメインに赤、青、黄色、白が登場したほか、足元のラバー部でも同色使い。やはり釘付けになったのは、今にも羽ばたきそうな羽根付きシューズ。360種類もの羽を持つ鳳凰(ほうおう)をキーワードに、異なるソースを混ぜ合わせ、”融合”といった形で表現。そんな気になるシューズは、過去にジャパン・レザー・アワード(2007年)でグランプリを受賞したシューズデザイナー「串野真也(Masaya Kushino)」との共同制作とのこと。

There are so many things I like about young japanese label Christian Dada and why I think designer Masanori Morikawa is steering his brand in the right direction. His shows are performances pieces that set the tone for his brand, enticing buyers to his showroom where they are also offered seasonal T-shirts and denims which increase accessibility of the DADA name. Last season, when a show wasn’t suitable for his creative direction he held a smaller presentation which in no way betrayed his artistic integrity (some brands do shows regardless and end up going bankrupt…). Photos of last season are here, and whilst the blocks of ice have long since melted, the accompanying band VAMPILLIA was carried over into a much bigger show for Fall 2013. On stage with an accompanying choir, their music was a dark ethereal soundscape. Dark isn’t new territory for DADA and a lot of this season was in black, the devil is as they say in the details, the embroidery along sleeves and leather trimming can be seen in the photos below. The goth princes’ strode the runway on leather shoes with multi color soles by the designer, or on winged wonders by shoe artistan Masaya Kushino. As the choir reached a crescendo the mood was uplifted by a bright red look, the brightness of which was highlighted by all the dark which had come before it. Looks in blue, white and gold completed the Princely finale.

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