「WE SHALL HEAD TO THE BANK! ~ DRESSED TO KILL ~」をテーマに「commons&sense man」 ISSUE15が9月27日に発売された。表紙は、サンローランに身を包んだ4人のメンズモデルを起用。TOKYODANDY連載ページでは「OUR LIVES SCROLLED IN PHOTOS」と題したインスタグラム・ダイアリーを掲載。様々なメディアを通して誰とでも繋がる事ができるSNS事情。チェックするべし!

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The new issue of commons&sense MAN, Japan’s leading men’s fashion magazine for which Tokyo Dandy contributes our instagram diary bi-yearly, is out now. Commons&Sense is a stand out publication on the newsstands of Japan, this issue features a black and white image of four models in clothes by Saint Laurent. One of our personal favorites is the beautiful interior and item photography featured in the magazine, for issue no.15 that’s a look at Harajuku concept store GR8. The new issue of commons&sense MAN can be found at select bookstores in Tokyo, Paris, London, New York and more.

commons&sense MAN Website

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