2006年 カンヌ国際映画祭で公開され話題となったダフト・パンクの映画「DAFT PUNK ELECTROMAs」が、遂に日本上陸。



映画の中で着用してるレザーのジャンプスーツはエディ・スリマン(Hedi Slimane)がデザインしたものだ。


Ok, so ELECTROMA, DAFT PUNKs movie which was released in 2006 or 2007 depending on where you live, is kind of old news now. But we were drawn back to it with the news that a special Bearbrick set featuring the french electro duo will be relesaed next year. Hedi Slimane designed the leather jump suits they wear in the movie and thee are what the 400% collectible bears will be wearing. We LOVE Bearbricks. Oh, and the movie, it’s beautiful and quite haunting but we think it would have benefited from a Daft Punk soundtrack (no Daft Punk music is used). Check out the trailer.