昨年、「DISPOSABLE LIVES」のフォトプロジェクトで訪れた広島と福島の都市シリーズが、DAZED&CONFUSEDのデジタル版「DAZED DIGITAL」に公開された。



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Last year I visited both Hiroshima and Fukushima as part of my ‘Disposable Lives’ photo project and the resulting images were featured on DAZED (see them here). In the week that Obama will be the first US President to visit Hiroshima and I wanted to take look back at some of the images.

Hiroshima and Fukushima are linked in the common global conscience by atomic events, 70 years apart. However, the two are not just cities, but large prefectures (counties/states) that can’t be defined by singular events no matter how devastating.

By visiting Hiroshima at the time of the Tama-Tori Festival at Itskushima Shrine and Fukushima for the Taimatsu Akashi Fire Festival, I wanted to link them through local events that have taken place in each prefecture long before the dawn of the atomic age. Festivals that have taken place for centuries and which will hopefully continue long into the future.

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