第3号ではTOKYODANDY TEAMも絡ませて頂いた「REAL TOKYO FASHION MAGAZINE : √」のエディトリアルにモデルのギー(Gui)が登場。毎回自らディレクションを行うドレスド(DRESSUNDRESSED)の今回のページ数も、前回同様6ページにも渡り紹介されているのだ。フォトグラファー、BUNGO TSUCHIYA。着実に変化しているDRESSUNDRESSEDクリエーションを要チェック。

BUNGO TSUCHIYA has photographed each of the DRESSEDUNDRESSED look book/campaigns so far, all featuring girls. This time the designers decided to use a male model alongside the girl and they chose Gui from ‘The Gui Martinez‘. His look was so strong they decided to use it for an editorial in the upcoming issue of RTF MAGAZINE √ which will be released in fashion bookstores soon.