終盤、オリバー・チータムの”Get Down Saturday Night”でディスコダンスを踊っている彼女に魅了されるに違いない。さらに、Interview Magazineの最新号では、”HOLLYWOOD’S MOST WANTED”と題した俳優陣15人がピックされている。ショーン・ペンの息子、ホッパー・ジャック・ペンやローラ・ハリア同様、ソノヤミズノほか実績+才能ある若手俳優陣らがハリウッドから注目されているのだ。

sonoya-mizuno-ex-machina(Photography CRAIG MCDEAN, Stylist KARL TEMPLER from Interview Mag)

It was one of the most critically acclaimed movie releases of 2015 an is already being hailed as a Sci-Fi classic, now EX-MACHNA finally gets it’s Japanese release. The academy award winning film (special effects) is the directorial debut from Alex Garland (the screen writer of The Beach and Screen Writer of 28 days later and Sunshine). It made actress Alicia Vikander a global star and was the breakout film for Japanese/English Dancer and Actress Sonoya Mizuno. Familiar to many in Japan as a model, Mizuno has amazing film projects in the works and was recently named by Interview Magazine as ‘one of Hollywoods most wanted’. One of her scenes (the dance) has become a cult favourite online, now’s Japan’s chance to check out a film thats theme of artificial intelligence should resonate strongly. NOW SHOWING

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