EXHIBITION「I, Tominaga」#sakuramovement 〜keep moving, keep supporting〜

世界中を飛び回る一人のファッションモデル、富永愛。彼女が主催する写真展「EXHIBITION – I, Tominaga」が、7月1日より表参道の「GYRE(ジャイル)」にて開催される。このエキシビションは、3月11日に起きてしまった東日本大震災後に、被災地へといち早く桜を届けたいという思いから富永愛自身がTwitterにて立ち上げた<#sakuramovement>。さらに、全国から届いた桜の写真をコラージュした一つの作品として展示。

また、今回の写真展では、写真家、レスリー・キー、(Leslie Kee)、蜷川実花、ティッシュ(TISCH)との作品も展示するとのこと。


EXHIBITION「I, Tominaga」#sakuramovement 〜keep moving, keep supporting〜
会期:2011年7月1日(月)- 7月18日(月)
会場:GYRE 渋谷区神宮前5-10-1
時間:11:00 – 20:00

After the earthquake Tokyo’s senile incumbent Governor Ishihara Shintaro called upon parks and citizens to cancel Hanami (flower viewing) parties during Cherry Blossom season. No one listened and we took time to meet with friends and relax with friends within the relative safety of the cities parks. We felt strongly about this as we posted a message here.

At the same time on twitter, Japanese Super Model Tominaga Ai encouraged users to upload photos of Cherry Blossoms using the hash tag ‘ #sakuramovement ‘ as a message of support and hope to those affected in the North East and around Japan affected by the earthquake and tsunami. Cherry blossoms are a symbol of the fleeting nature of beauty and life, a truly poignant sentiment back in March.

An exhibition is to take place featuring the photos gathered images gathered during that time. ‘「I, Tominaga」#sakuramovement 〜keep moving, keep supporting〜’ is taking place from July 1st – 18th at the Gyre Building on Omotesando.

See our Hanami photos HERE and HERE.