FANCY HIM 3rd Anniversary Party

東京のベストパーティー fancyHIM が三周年ということで、スペシャルゲストを招いて WAREHOUSE へ。そのスペシャルゲストとは、ラブリー Monsieur(From London)そして、BLACK PETER(From NY)。このNYグループのビデオが下記に↓チェック・アウト↓ IT’S FUCKED UP!Happy Anniversary Fancy Him!

The best party in Tokyo turns three years old this weekend, and to celebrate fancyHIM is moving to WAREHOUSE. We will miss being able to stumble out onto the streets of Shinjuku to buy Chu-hi but luckily there will be special guests to keep us entertained, from London, the lovely “Monsieur” and from New York, the fucked up Black Peter Group whose video you can see below. Happy Anniversary Fancy Him!