遊び心あるクリエイティブ人に向けた新しいファッション・カルチャー誌「FREESTYLEMAGAZINE」。表紙にはシルバーでペイント塗りされたポール・スミス(Paul Smith)のポートレイトが起用。この雑誌には「Take Pleasure Seriously(真面目に楽しむ)」というワードが刻まれたフリスビーがセットで付いてくるのだ。年齢問わず沢山の人々にフリスビーで遊んでほしいとのこと。enjoy your time with your frisbee.

We just picked up issue N0.2 of FREESTYLE Magazine, the UK based circular magazine which celebrates the relationship between creativity and play – as symbolized by the most simple of design classics – the frisbee. Issue one came with an Eley Kishimoto designed frisbee, issue two is by Paul Smith. FREESTYLE magazine will be an organic experiment in art, design and fashion – collaborating with creatives from around the world.