Fujiko Nakaya & Ukichiro Nakaya “Greenland” at Maison Hermès

霧のアーティストとして国際的に活躍する中谷芙二子と、その父・宇吉郎の展覧会「グリーンランド」が、銀座メゾンエルメス フォーラムにて12月22日より開催。「雪は天から送られた手紙である」という言葉で有名な科学者・中谷宇吉郎は、1936年に世界で初めて人工的に雪の結晶をつくり出したことでも知られている。科学の真理を大自然と人間との協働作業のなかに見出した宇吉郎の姿勢は、霧を媒体とした芸術表現を試みる芙二子に、強く影響を与え続けている。

1933年、宇吉郎の次女として生まれた中谷芙二子は、初期の絵画制作を経て、1966年にはニューヨークにて芸術と科学の協働を理念とした実験グループ「E.A.T.(Experiments in Art and Technology)」に参加、70~80年代は日本を拠点にビデオ作品の制作や発表も行ってきた。作家の代名詞である、水を用いた人工霧による「霧の彫刻」は、1970年の大阪万博ペプシ館にて初めて発表。以降、世界各地で80作品を越えるインスタレーションやパフォーマンスなどを手がける。また、建築・音楽・ダンス・光といった他ジャンルのアーティストとも共同制作を行ってる。


「グリーンランド」 中谷芙二子+宇吉郎展
会場:銀座メゾンエルメス フォーラム
住所:東京都中央区銀座5-4-1 8階
時間:11:00 – 20:00(月〜土)、日(11:00-19:00)

Opal Loop / Cloud Installation ,1980, New York City, USA, (Collaboration with Trisha Brown Dance Company) Photo: (c)Johan Elbers (June 12, 1980) Images

Maison Hermès Tokyo presents ‘Greenland’, an exhibition devoted to the internationally active fog artist Fujiko Nakaya and her father, Ukichiro Nakaya, at the Ginza Maison Hermès Le Forum.

In 1936, Ukichiro Nakaya, a famous scientist known for the quote, “Snow crystals are letters sent from heaven,” successfully made the world’s first artificial snow crystals.
Ukichiro believed that the realization of scientific truths depended on a collaboration between human beings and nature. This continues to have a strong influence on Fujiko Nakaya, who uses fog as a medium of artistic expression.

Fujiko’s first “fog sculpture,” a type of work made with artificial fog that has come to be synonymous with the artist, was exhibited at the Pepsi Pavilion at Expo ’70, held in Osaka in 1970. She subsequently created over 80 installations and performances all over the world. Fujiko also has consistently collaborated with artists from various other genres, including architecture, music, dance, and light.

In this exhibition, whose title refers to the site of Ukichiro’ s later research on snow and ice, Ginza Maison Hermès’ glass block is likened to the icy terrain of the Arctic, as Fujiko undertakes a fog experiment in the interior of the space. Along with Glacial Fogfall, a new work by Fujiko, the exhibition focuses on the endlessly curious and challenging spirits of these two talented individuals. We hope that you will enjoy this dialogue, straddling two generations, between Ukichiro and Fujiko Nakaya, who saw the process of observing, recording, reproducing, and understanding the ever-changing character of nature and the environment as a highly significant activity and one that is increasingly important for us today.

Also of note this month at Ginza Hermes Maison, Ex-Machina is the film currently showing at the Le Studio, details and show times here.

Fujiko Nakaya & Ukichiro Nakaya “Greenland”Ginza Maison Hermès Le Forum December 22nd 2017 – March 4th 2018