‘GAGAKOH’ Lady Gaga & Terrence Koh for M・A・C VIVA GLAM

神戸・横浜と無事にコンサートを終えたレディ・ガガ(Lady Gaga)が、昨夜(2010年4月20日)「M・A・C(マック)」主催のプライベートパーティーにてアーティスト、テレンス・コー(Terence Koh)と華麗なパフォーマンスを披露。そう、彼女はM・A・C VIVA GLAMの2010年春夏キャンペーンにシンディー・ローパーと共に起用されているのだ。

そんなガガコー(GAGAKOH)を一目見ようと駆け付けた人々は、ファッション関係者はもちろん、芸能人、アーティスト、モデル、エディターと各界で活躍する人ばかりだ。日本のみならず、世界中の人々を彼女は虜にしているのだ。レースのドレス(白の)で登場したと思ったら、即ピアノの音が鳴り響き「Speechless」の曲でスタート。他、「Alejandro」「Bad Romance」と計3曲を披露したのだ。途中ブリーフ姿のダンサーたちとダンスバトルのようなシチュエーションがあり、わずか30分という時間にもかかわらず濃いディレクションを見せつけてくれた。パフォーマンス終了後は、東京中のドラァグクイーンがクレイジーに踊りはじめたのだった。

Lady Gaga has been the mot talked about person in Tokyo since she arrived for 4 sold out shows as part of her ‘Monster Ball’ tour a week ago. Last night she graced the stage again, in a collaborative performance with contemporary artist Terrence Koh. The event was sponsored by M・A・C VIVA GLAM, the product for which all money on products sold goes towards helping men, women and children who are living with HIV/AIDS.

The invited audience of Japanese celebrities and press had to wait for their lady, the lights didn’t go down until an hour after the scheduled time. But as soon as the room was dark, all was forgiven, as GAGA, Koh and their troupe of loin-clothed male dancers made their way through the crowd to the stage. GAGA took her seat at the KOH designed piano to sing ‘Speechless’ before taking off her veil to sing ‘Alejandro’. The biggest screams were saved for the final of the three songs played, ‘Bad Romance’, sand and glitter were thrown into the air as snow fell onto the gyrating dancers and throbbing crowd. And just like that, it was over, leaving the most colorful crowd a Tokyo party has seen in a long time bathed in pink under falling cherry blossoms. A fantastic evening.

To learn more about MAC VIVAGLAM please visit their website HERE.

All photos by DAN BAILEY (dan@tokyodandy.com)