The staid formal setting of the group photo is not unlike hundreds taken every week at wedding ceremonies across Japan. The difference here is the dresses are all Givenchy Haute Couture for Spring 2011, each is so detailed it took 2,000 hours of cutting, 4,000 hours of sewing plus a further 2,000 hours for the hand cut sequins. Whilst at first it felt like the inspiration was taken from traditional Japanese wedding dress, in-particular the overbearing hats, Ricardo Tisci revealed his inspiration to have been legendary Butoh Choreographer and Dancer Kazuo Ohno (Video above). It’s refreshing to see a designer take deeper inspiration from Japanese culture rather than the traditional Kimono cut/material. It’s amazing to think that these beautiful intricate dresses came from the mind of the same man who sent boys in rottweiler prints down the runway not just a week before, Ricardo Tisci is incredible.