GIZA S/S 2012 and GARTER S/S 2012 Joint Exhibition

マドモアゼル・ユリア(Mademoiselle Yulia)が手掛ける「GIZA(ギザ)」と、キタコレビルの代表ブランドとしても知られる「GARTER(ガーター)」の合同展示会。アクセサリーブランド “GIZA” としては2年ぶりのコレクション発表。ブランド “GARTER” とのコラボレーションで作成したイメージビジュアルには、モデルのリラ(RILA)が登場。

GARTER / デザイナー:江幡 晃四郎(Koshiro Ebata)
文化服装学院 服装科にて服飾の基礎を学んだ後、2009年より東京にセレクトショップGARTERを設立。アートピースを中心にMADEMOISELLE YULIA, LADY GAGA, 2NE1, Robyn等、国内外様々なアーティストのコスチュームデザインを手掛ける。既製服のラインを2012年春夏シーズンより展開。


Mademoiselle Yulia’s brand GIZA joined forces with Kita Kore’s GARTER for a joint exhibition of their Spring Summer 2012 creations this week. GIZA brings together two things I love- Egypt and Dinosaurs. Cleopatra worthy pieces glistened amongst stained glass dinosaurs and unicorns. As a photographer I was distracted by the look book photographs that lined each wall, starring Japanese model Rila as well as Mademoiselle Yulia the photos are beautiful, we look forward to sharing them soon.

GARTER designer Koshiro brought along his archive, including the piece Gaga wore to the MTV Japan Awards to show alongside his camel colored designs for Spring. A custom made light metal dress with leather trimming and sleeves made from a cast of the designers face managed to be tough yet delicate at the same time. A revealing piece of couture armor.

What I love about both of these brands is that they are OUT THERE. Not just in terms of designs, you actually see these clothes being worn, they have a life beyond the exhibition. They aren’t safe pieces made for out-of-Tokyo department stores (a lot of runway designers in Japan seem to aim for that demographic), these are an honest reflection of which each designer loves and they are themselves in turn loved.