ニューヨークから東京へ – 新生「グッチ」に新たなムードをもたらしたアレッサンドロ・ミケーレ。1日に50万人もの人々が行きかう渋谷スクランブル交差点で、2分(1時間に4回)という限られた時間の特別な演出。見上げる人々の目にはどう映っただろうか。

Gucci calmly commandeered Shibuya crossing in Tokyo this past weekend with a simultaneous videocast of Creative Director Alessandro Michele’s debut Cruise Collection shown across the iconic intersections five big screens. Since his appointment, Creative Director Alessandro Michele has brought a new mood to Gucci, a contemporary vision of timeless romanticism, how could this translate to the frenetic pace of the worlds busiest pedestrian crossing? The five big screens each display different video content, each shouting over another, battling for the attention of the thousands of people that cross the worlds busiest intersection every few minutes. Gucci Cruise 2016 was shown on all five screens at once bringing a sense of tranquility to the hectic urban landscape. During these brief peaceful respites we photographed pieces from the collection, Gucci Cruise 2015 – From New York to Tokyo.

Gucci Cruise 2016 was introduced on the streets of New York in June and it was a special 2 minute video of this epoch-making show made by Glen Luchford that was screened on Saturday and Sunday evening, see the video below.

Photographer : Dan Bailey (TOKYO DANDY)
Fashion : Joe (TOKYO DANDY)
Hair & Make :Yayoi Sasaki

Models : Takuya Ebihara (DONNA MODELS), Yukka Manami (DONNA MODELS), Shintaro Yuya (BE NATURAL)