Gui Martinez

日本をベースに活躍するフォトグラファー、ギー(Gui Martinez)が撮り上げた写真が彼のウェブサイトにアップされている。そう、彼はカメラだけでなく、モデル、バンドと多才な顔を持つ一人。今後カメラの方にも時間を継ぎやし彼にしか撮ることのできないレンズのサバキを期待。モデル、ニコ(Nico)& ティム(Tim)。

Our friend Gui has become more well known as a model and the drummer for the Gimme Um’s over the past few months in Tokyo. He is at heart a photographer and has an incredible eye, his photos always have some kind of dream like nostalgic quality that we love. Take for example these photos he took recently of Tim and Nico. Gui’s running a new blog which you can access HERE.