ファッションデザイナー、エディ・スリマン(Hedi Slimane)を迎えて開催された「ROCK DIARY TOKYO NIGHT HEDI SLIMANE × DAZED & CONFUSED JAPAN」。六本木「Super Deluxe(スーパーデラックス)」を会場にスリマンファンはもちろん、デイズドエディター、ファッションニスタで会場は大盛り上がり。エディ・スリマンと言えば、スリムカットを定着させた1人。過去メンズファッションの常識を覆した1人といっても過言ではないはず。スリマンのスピンを一目見ようと。スリマンとの記念撮影。とにかく会場はパニック状態。少し遅れて会場に現れたエディ・スリマンは、入口付近から早速カメラをパシャパシャと。スリマンのスピンが30分程行われ後は、サイン会のような雰囲気に。サイン会後は、スリマンクルーに選ばれた人だけによる撮影会が行われた。

エディ・スリマンは「VOGUE HOMMES JAPAN」の撮影のため日本に1週間滞在するとのこと。今年の秋に発売されるVOGUE HOMMES JAPANの表紙!要チェック!

Photography by Dan Bailey (dan@tokyodandy.com)

Hedi Slimane is the Rock Star’s designer. So it was ironic that he received a Rock Star’s welcome to begin his DJ set at Super-Deluxe in Tokyo on Monday night. Famed for his slim fitting cuts the designer could not have a more fitting crowd then the androgynous Tokyo fashion pack. Slimane mania hit hard here. Arriving at about 11.30pm through the clubs main entrance, Slimane slinked through a forest of camera phones to take his place at the decks. His music selection was pure Hedi. Buzzing 80’s and the Libertines played as monochrome shots of Courtney Love, Kate Moss and Pete Doherty were beamed onto the club walls. After playing for half an hour the designer stopped to sign t-shirts, purses, wallets, flyers, his own books- whatever else the young crowd had to hand. The lucky were then taken back stage to be photographed by Hedi for Dazed & Confused Japan (the events organizers) before he returned to the decks at 2am.

Slimane has been in Japan for the past week shooting for Vogue Hommes Japan. As well as shooting the cover and an article which questions “Who are the real models?”, Slimane is the muse for the inaugural issue being released this fall.

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