i-D and Dazed & Confused 2008



DAZED & CONFUSED」 と 「i-D」 は、これらを代表する存在だろう。



i-D & D&C、 年間通してそれぞれが提供してきたベストカバーを選ぶのは難しいが、私はマドンナ(Madonna)、グレイス・ジョーンズ(Grace Jones)&レオナ・ルイス(Leona Lewis)、マライア・キャリー(Mariah Carey)、そして、菊地凛子を選ぶだろう。ちなみに日本人がi-D Magazine の表紙に起用されたのは、04年 栗山千明(女優)以来だ。 

2008年 「DAZED & CONFUSED」 & 「i-D」 Magazine、あなたの選ぶベストカバーは??

Whilst Japan is held in high regard for it’s street fashion and style, the people you see in “Fruits” and “Tune” magazine are a very small percentage of the scene here. London remains the place where stylistically led movements have for decades turned out original and relevant subcultures. I think Dazed and Confused and i-D magazines represent this. Where as Japan’s Dazed and Confused magazine is a 5 minute flick through, D&C in the UK consistently produces amazing editorials, recognizes fresh talent in the arts and is the first to introduce you to the people everyone will be watching/looking out for/listening too a few months later. Like wise i-D magazine hits the perfect balance between sex and fashion, whilst being just as heavy in well written content as it is in inspiring images.

I think the two are too different to choose the best covers each has offered throughout the year, but I would take Madonna an Grace Jones over Mariah and Leona any day.