KITA KORE’s iLiL decorated the entrance to the Koenji space on the occasion of Osaka Store EXCUBE’s exhibition this past weekend with iLiL ‘OBJECTS’. Giving traditional Japanese Daruma’s a Pop Cultural Spin, iLiL’s Rachel furthered a vision of repurposing uses and aesthetics of items with a Kendo Mask and American Football Shoulder Pads rendered in POP ART forms and a reupholstered 70’s Massage chair in purple vinyl. Old School, life-size dog ornaments finished in a beautiful matte green and purple and given a new lease of life as lamp’s.

This marks the end of an era at Kita Kore as the Collective looks to a future of ambitious creative endeavors. On the weekend we visited GARTER had already began to sell up it’s stock at crazy low prices with the aim of re-imagining the space beyond retail in 2015. With Art Group CHIM PON’s increased involvement we look forward to seeing what evolves from Kita Kore in the coming months.