3月16日(金)1人のファッション・デザイナーが東京にやってきた。「第46回スーパーボウル」でマドンナのバックダンサーたちが着ていた音符のマークに3本ラインのジャージ(こちら)。そう … ご存知ジェレミー・スコット(Jeremy Scott)の来日記念イベントが開催されたのだった。「adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott」の2012年春夏コレクションを囲んでプレス向けのお披露目とでも言わせて頂こう。2008年の11月が懐かしすぎる(こちら)。LAで撮影された2012年春夏のビジュアルには、マドモアゼル・ユリアを起用(こちら)。

Adidas Originals held an intimate gathering at their press room in Shibuya Friday night to welcome Jeremy Scott to Japan. Jeremy was one of the first big designers we met at a party in Aoyama over 3 and a half years ago (see the photos from that night here). His collaborations with Adidas have helped bring together the worlds of sport and fashion in fabrics accessible to his legions of fans. Jeremy has always had a strong fan base in Japan, his designs are frequently seen on the pages of FRUITS and TUNE alike and when K-pop stars want to get that ‘cool japanese’ look Jeremy is their designer of choice. A pioneer of that look is Mademoiselle Yulia who featured in the 2012 look book (see photos and video here). More recently Jeremy’s Adidas originals tracksuits were seen on Madonna’s dancers during her celebrated Super Bowl Half Time performance. We know Jeremy and in turn Jeremy knows Madonna – which basically means Jeremy brings you closer to god.

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Photos by Dan Bailey