Jeremy Scott S/S 2011

毎シーズンファニー&クールなニューアイテムを世に送り出すジェレミー・スコット(Jeremy Scott)が、2010/11年春夏コレクションを発表。フロントロウにはカニエ・ウエスト(Kanye West)、ソランジュ・ノウルズ(Solange Knowles)、ケリー・オズボーン(Kelly Osbourne)、そして、韓国の女性4人組グループ、トゥエニーワン(2NE1)の姿が。そう、沢山のファッッションデザイナーが最新コレクションを世界同時配信しているなか、ジェレミーも遂にウェブ配信をスタートさせた。それにしてもジェレミーらしい最新コレクション、撮影で引っ張りだこになるの間違いない。クロス(十字架)のサングラスに、ベーシックなメンズアンダーの型をクラッチバック?へと。原宿(東京)のキッズたちは得意の重ね着でジェレミーのニューアイテムを着こなすだろう。「FETISH」とプリントされたTシャツも気になる。

New York fashion week got a much needed injection of fun with the Jeremy Scott S/S 2010/11 show yesterday. Drawing a front row that included Kanye West, Solange Knowles, Kelly Osbourne and K-pop superstars 2NE1, this was the first time one of Jeremys shows was streamed live on the internet. The thing you have to keep in mind about Jeremy Scott is his vision as a pop-artist using clothes as his canvas for cultural commentary. That sounds like blown up bull shit I know, because more importantly it’s about fun, it’s tongue in cheek. S/S 2010 was a walk through a white trash trailer park with ‘Trash’ and ‘For Rent’ t-shirts and bin liner dresses. Crushed can pieces were genius, as was the meat dress which would have had so much more impact had Gaga not worn one last week (This did make the same point without anyone having to wear a dead animal though.) Accessories that caught our eye included the cross sunglasses and a pants purse. The straight jacket wedding dress was the best treatment of bridal couture we’ve seen. You’d be mad to get married and across the internet this morning there are a lot of people saying you’d be mad to wear these clothes. Maybe so, but we know plenty of people in Harajuku who are just that kind of crazy.