John Lawrence Sullivan Fall 2013-14 Paris 15

2011/12年秋冬よりパリ・コレクションに参加して今シーズンで5回目を迎えた、ディレクター、柳川荒士(Arashi Yanagawa)による「ジョンローレンスサリバン(John Lawrence Sullivan)」(東京最後のショーはコチラ)。期待を裏切らない美しさに男らしいカッティング。ショーの音楽を担当したのは東京を拠点に活躍するTHE LOWBROWSの「CHAKI」だった。目に飛び込んできたのはトライバル調の柄に、柄と柄の組み合わせ、ゆったりとしたボトムスに対しタイトなトップスがとても上品。色鮮やかなクラッチと今年の干支でもある蛇柄を使用したクラッチバックがアクセントに。会場となったのはフランスの美術学校「École des Beaux-Art(エコール・デ・ボザール)」。SHOW VIDEO HERE

It was great to start a week of menswear shows in Paris by attending the Fall-Winter 2013-14 runway show of Japanese brand John Lawrence Sullivan. We were there for the brands final show in Japan for A/W 2011-12 (photos here) and so it was an honor to be present for Designer Arashi Yanagawa’s 3rd season in Paris. The show did not disappoint. One of JLS’s trademarks is the unexpected mixing of fabrics and textures, manifested in this collection through the use of thick wools alongside floral prints and the brightly colored clutches, some of which were in snakeskin. Arashi-san was exploring the the of’Electric Africa’ and the show sound track by The Lowbrows’ Chiaki brought the beats of a modern Tokyo Tribe to the shows venue at École des Beaux-Art. Another stand out element of the show was the wide legged pants swishing beneath a tighter upper torso, cinched at the waist to make quite an original silhouette. John Lawrence Sullivan left a huge gap in the Japanese Menswear calendar, Paris is lucky to have the brand show here. SEE FULL SHOW LOOKS HERE SHOW VIDEO HERE

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