Kanye west and Jay-Z ‘Watch The Throne’ by Riccardo Tisci

ご存知、ジバンシー(Givenchy)のクリリティブ・ディレクターを務めるリカルド・ティッシュ(Riccardo Tisci)が、ジェイ・Z(JAY-Z)& カニエ・ウエスト(Kanye West)による最新アルバム「Watch the Throne」のジャケットをデザイン。(デジタル配信8日よりスタート。)

Givenchy creative director Ricardo Tisci has lent is hand to the design of one of the years most anticipated albums, ‘Watch The Throne’, by Kanye west and Jay-Z. The print is similar in style to those used for Givency’s Fall-Winter Season. Below is the recently released video for track ‘Otis’ taken from the album which is out now.