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1987年、カール ラガーフェルドは、シャネルの広告キャンペーンを制作するため、カメラのレンズを覗く側に自らが立つことを決意。そして、彼の写真は、数々の権威あるファッション誌に掲載され、世界中でお披露目された。ラガーフェルド自らが選んだ領域をはるかに超えて広がる写真の才能は、本展の作品群にもはっきりと示されている。彼の撮影手法を導くのは直感と第一印象による被写体への愛情ほか、自然の発露と偶然が重要な役割を演じる。


カール・ラガーフェルド写真展「太陽の宮殿 ヴェルサイユの光と影」
住所:東京都中央区銀座3-5-3 シャネル銀座ビルディング4F
時間:12:00 – 20:00(入場無料・無休)

karl-lagerfeld-chanel-ginza-versailles-tokyo©Karl Lagerfeld

The CHANEL Nexus Hall Gallery space in Ginza plays host to a photography exhibition by Karl Lagerfeld this month, the subject, Versailles.

Built by the Sun King, Louis XIV, during the latter half of the 17th century, the magnificent palace and gardens of the Château de Versailles are a World Cultural Heritage Site, and it was there that internationally renowned fashion designer and photographer Karl Lagerfeld chose to photograph.

Why Versailles? For Karl Lagerfeld, this unique place is conducive to creativity as “a concrete example of fairy tales, a world that existed but that speaks to our imagination.” Here, as photographer, he offers an offbeat and personal vision of the Château, a cinematic vision in which light and shadow, perspective and mist describes a world as a forbidden fairy tale, a solemn universe sometimes even alluding to the dramatic.
The exhibition consists of works chosen from among those first shown, to wide acclaim, at the Château de Versailles in 2008 and also happens to be their first appearance in Japan. Karl Lagerfeld wanted to present these works without protective glass or frames, but simply hung on the walls so that the public could appreciate the effect of the material, the paper grain… These prints, which are subjected to this specific treatment, highlight the importance attached by the photographer to contrasts. This ancient form of screen printing gives the photographs a truly original appearance.
“Paper is the material I prefer the most. It is also, for me, the starting point of all creativity.
In the case of the photo, it is the culmination of the final result.” (Karl Lagerfeld).
Karl Lagerfeld Versailles A L’ombre January 18th – February 26th 2017Chanel Nexus Hall Ginza

karl-lagerfeld-chanel-ginza©Karl Lagerfeld