カート・コバーン(Kurt Cobain)の生前最後を姿を撮り下ろしたフォトグラファー、ジェシー・フローマン(Jesse Frohman)による写真展「KURT – Jesse Frohman Exhibition」が、3月8日より「OPENING CEREMONY(オープニングセレモニー)」で開催される。詳しくはコチラ!

By the time Kurt Cobain and the Irvin Penn Mentored Jesse Frohman met, the grunge icon had already been in rehab several time, suffered several overdoses and was just 5 months away from his tragic death. Kurt refused to take off his white framed sunglasses for the entirety of the shoot, wich makes it difficult to see that he was, according to Frohman, ‘very stoned’. The collection fo photos will be exhibited at Tokyo’s Opening Ceremony from March 8th on the 5th Floor.

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