Kyoichi Tsuzuki Presents “EROTOPIA JAPAN”

都築響一による”エロ”をテーマにした「神は局部に宿る」都築響 – presents エロトピア・ジャパン展が、6月11日より渋谷・松濤のギャラリー、アツコバルー arts drinks talkで開催される。




ラブホテルもイメクラも秘宝館も、その作り手たちは、自分がアートを作ってるなんて、まったく思っていない。彼らが目指すのはただ、自分と受け手の欲望と妄想をもっとも完璧に満足させる装置である。性欲と金銭欲とを両輪にドライブしつづける、そんな彼らのクリエイティヴィティの純度が、いまや美術館を飾るアーティストの「作品」よりもはるかに、僕らの眼とこころに突き刺さってくるのはどういうことだろう。アートじゃないはずのものが、はるかにアーティスティックに見えてしまうのは、なぜなんだろう。さげすまれ、疎まれることはしばしばでも、敬意を払われることは決してないまま、それらはひそかに生き延び、いつのまにか消えていく。 日出づる国のブラインドサイドに響く、その歌が君には聞こえるだろうか。 都築響一

「神は局部に宿る」都築響 – presents エロトピア・ジャパン展
会場:アツコバルー arts drinks talk
時間:14:00~21:00(火〜土) | 11:00~18:00(日・月)火曜定休

Looking at the birthrate in Japan, even considering the body language in most bars and clubs situations, it would seem nobody in Japan is fucking. Yet sexual imagery is all around us. An upcoming exhibition by Artist Kyoichi Tsuzuki explores this in an upcoming exhibition, he states:

‘Foreign tourists visiting Japan often find themselves overwhelmed by the flood of sexual images in public space. Neon signs of adult-entertainment establishments protruding into the streets; young women in maid outfits handing out flyers at the roadside; there in the back behind the bamboo blind of the DVD shop, the adult corners of convenience stores or the hourly love hotels along the highways – sex wherever you look.

Those philosophising about art, architecture or design, however, tend to turn their back on those images and the phantasies behind them. Though there surely is no one not knowing about the local hourly love hotel; not one Japanese who has not seen at least a short clip from an adult video; though the Japanese streets are full of strange things arousing interest.

Those building and designing hourly love hotels, role-play brothels or so-called hihokan sex museums, do not think of their profession as art. What they aim at is creating ‘devices’, establishments, that fulfil their and their customers’ desires and phantasies. Yet, their creativity – fuelled by their desire for sex and money – can compete with those pieces ‘art’ exhibited in museums any day.

Often despised and abjected, these cultures secretly survive, there in the shadows, from where they finally disappear.

Can you hear their songs? Echoing from blind side of the Land of the Rising Sun?’
For more info click here to visit the venues website Kyoichi Tsuzuki presents EROTOPIA JAPAN2016.06.11 Sat – 07.31 Sun Wed – Sat 14:00 – 21:00Sun & Mon 11:00 – 18:00 closed on Tue ¥1000 (not includes a drink)