2月14日(月)午後8時より「NEW YORK STATE ARMORY」にて行なわれた「マーク・ジェイコブス」の2011/12年秋冬コレクション。30分前に会場入りし、ひとまずフロントロウをチェック。そう、マーク・ジェイコブスといえばセレブ陣が足を運ぶブランドとしても知られている、そうこうしているうちにウーピー・ゴールドバーグの姿が目の前に、カメラを向けたら嫌がることなく微笑んでくれたウーピー。さらに、ヴォーグ史上最高のエディターといわれているアナ・ウィンター、隣には彼女の娘の姿も。フレンドリーなヒラリー・アレキサンダー、ソフィア・コッポラ、アンナ・デッロ・ルッソ、ブライアン・ボーイ、日本からはモデル、女優としても活躍する水原希子にフォトグラファーの蜷川実花らも会場に訪れていた。


The Marc Jacobs F/W 2011/12 collection was presented at New York Fashion Week on Monday, evening and we were there to see the show. Inside New York’s Armory building, huge white columns quilted in white PVC were bathed in red light as guests including Whoopi Goldberg, Leighton Meester and our very own Kiko Mizuhara joined the editorial elite including Anna Wintour and Hilary Alexander on the front row. When the lights came on the the thumping sound of Marilyn Manson’s ‘Beautiful People’ rolled across the mirrored runway as the models took their turn in latex and lace. Tight silhouettes and high pony tails completed the fetish like feeling of the collection, suddenly the venue was a glamorous padded cell. The clothes were simply beautiful, hugely complimented by Stephen Jones’ vinyl berets strapped to the models heads. Once again Marc Jacobs delivered a collection which will go on to influence others, just as his 70’s collection has. The idea of an elegant kinkiness infusing fashion is exciting. The show was a triumph.
After the show was wrapped up we popped backstage to congratulate Marc together with Kiko and photographer Mika Ninagawa. With it being Valentines day, and the 10th Anniversary of Marc by Marc Jacobs, a celebration dinner was held at Chelsea Pier’s Lighthouse with a surprise performance by the Scissor Sisters. It was great to catch up with Robert and the Marc Jacobs family we had met back in January – and of course meeting the man himself. A magical evening which I can’t put into words – i’ll leave it to the photos.