Message from Dan & Joe





それから、19日に予定していた「JFW KICK-OFF PARTY Hosted by TOKYODANDY」は、中止とさせて頂きます。



SAVE JAPAN! l 【東日本大震災】エリア別救済支援情報サイト

Dear friends,

We hope this mail finds you well as can be despite all that’s happened and continues to develop in Japan.

We have of course postponed/canceled all of our events and projects until further notice. There’s a time and a place for what we do, and now’s not it. We, like the beautiful country of Japan, will be back bigger and stronger once we have gotten through this current crisis. Apologies for our lack of updates and communication there has been a lot of misinformation and gossip on the internet that we have not wanted to become involved in, especially when the truth in itself is so very heartbreaking. All those affected by recent events are constantly in our hearts and minds.

When the long task of clearing up has begun, we will be there to offer support to our brothers and sisters in the North and anyone affected by this disaster. We know we can do this with together with our amazing community here in Tokyo.

Whilst we respect other peoples decision to leave, we have decided to stay in Tokyo. For now let’s take care of our friends, family and all those around us. Pay attention to dependable news sources, and stay safe. We are contactable through twitter. Don’t feel alone.

Dan and Joe