2018年も終盤に、野村訓市が中心となって開かれた「MILD BUNCH」と題した大忘年会。1年の締めくくりにふさわしい感謝の宴。渋谷 ccontact tokyo を会場に、”STILL LOADING” のプレローンチのため日本入りしたヴァージル・アブローを招いて、豪華な面々が大集結。

‘Bonenkai’ (forget the year parties) are a Japanese tradition whereby coworkers, friends and communities come together to celebrate the past year. Kunichi Nomura’s MILDBUNCH end of year parties are of particular notoriety and 2018’s edition this past Saturday is destined to be stuff of party legend. Joining local luminaries CRUE-L Records Kenji Takimi, SK8THING, Undercover’s Jun Takahashi, the Wacko Maria crew and Mild Bunch Sound System were Heron Preston and this years international superstar of Off-White / Louis Vuitton, Nike, Ikea, Evian “etc. etc.” fame Virgil Abloh. It was good vibes all round with friends we’ve known for over a decade and more recent acquaintances. It may have been a ‘forget the year party’ but it’s one we’re sure to remember. For the first time in a long time I took out the old Canon kiss with fish eye lens that I started out taking party photos with over 10 years ago ^ posted below in chronological order….

Full DJ lineup here, all photos by DAN BAILEY

Photos by Dan Bailey (@TOKYODANDY)