Model Andrej Pejic in Tokyo

フィーメルのように女性らしい雰囲気を持った1人のメンズモデルが東京にやってきた。その名も、アンドレイ・ペジック(Andrej Pejic)オーストラリア出身。パリコレで引っ張りだこだった彼が(HERE)、東京コレクションにもやってきたのだ。彼の所属する東京でのエージェンシーは、売れっ子モデルが揃う「BRAVO MODELS」。

Nothing beats building buzz than having a top model in town for Japan Fashion Week. This year it’s in the beautiful shape of Andrej Pejic who made a huge impression during Paris fashion week earlier this year (see our report here). Since then he has built on his editorial and Ad’ campaign experience, and now finds himself in Tokyo. We know of two shows he’s confirmed to be walking in during Japan Fashion week in Tokyo this season, although we’re not at liberty to disclose which yet. While in town Andrej is being represented by BRAVO MODELS.