東京コレクション真っ最中の中行われた「ナイキ(NIKE)」と「アンダーカバー(UNDERCOVER)」による新たな逆走プロジェクト。そう、この秋に「逆走(GYAKUSOU)」と言うなのランニングウェアコレクションが誕生したのだ。それを記念して10月20日の夜、国立競技場を会場に大人たちの夜の大運動会が開催されたのだった。計3.2kmの距離を4人1チームで競いあう駅伝式リレー。学生の頃を思い出し無我夢中で走るクリエイターたち。UNDERCOVERデザイナー、高橋盾(Jun Takahashi)チーム「TEAM GIRA」の姿はもちろん、「MASTER HOLLYWOOD」「伊勢丹」「ZOZO」「MARK-STYLERチームおしゃP」「UNDERCOVER」「MEN’S NON-NO」「WWD JAPAN」「木更津逆走族」と、沢山の参加に応援団の数も半端ない。そして、会場を盛り上げたのは、DJ EMMAMADEMOISELLE YULIAのライブパフォーマンスだった。駅伝リレー後は、DJ MAARのスペシャルライブに、「OKAMOTO’S(オカモトズ)」のロックンロール ライブで会場は大盛り上がり。(豪華すぎる面子が揃っていたのは言うまでもない。)更に、気になる順位はというと、「1位. NIKE HARAJUKU」「2位. PRO BOXERS」「3位. ZOZO」という結果になったようです。おめでとうございます。

また、「NIKE×UNDERCOVER GYAKUSOU」コレクションは、2010年10月23日(土)より発売予定とのこと。


Thursday night saw the launch of NIKE and Undecover’s collaboration project ‘Gyakusou’ at The National Stadium here in Tokyo. Undercover founder and head designer Jun Takahashi is a keen runner in the city, and the combination of his design and style aesthetic with NIKE’s state-of-the-art sports design is a potent mix. Takahashi-san says, “Style and functionality is very important and when I started running, I looked very closely at the color and styling of products as well as their performance attributes and functionality. We both wanted to create an authentic performance running collection from the point-of-view of the actual runner.”

On the night running teams came together to compete in a relay race with the Undercover team (picture above) decked out in the new A/W Gyakusou collection. The race was won by the NIKE Harajuku flagship team and after all the teams had recovered the party really got started inside with some amazing food and music from Mademoiselle Yulia and MAAR from Dexpistols who had run in the Roctrax team. The night was capped of by an excellent performance by The Okamotos who ensured that NIKE had managed to pull of the perfect balance of sport, style, fashion and music in a single party, something that doesn’t happen all that often. It was a great night enjoyed by all.


(Upper set of photos by Dan, Lower set NIKE official)