Noritaka Tatehana x Dom Pérignon Rosé Wild Night

一夜限りのワンダーランドナイト!!!2月23日の夜から24日の朝にかけて開催された「NORITAKA TATEHANA for Dom Pérignon Rosé」 。そう … ヒールのないハイヒールと言われる幻のシューズ。さらに、スワロフスキーが散りばめられたソマルタ(SOMARTA)によるボディスーツの衣装。これらのアイテムを着飾り謎のダンサーたちが檻の中で踊ってるではないか。(獲物を探すかの様にね。)やってくれました!!と言わんばかりのコンビネーション。「NORITAKA TATEHANA × Dom Pérignon Rosé × SOMARTA × Le Baron de Paris」。そして、このイベントの演出などを手掛けたTEAM DRUMCAN。さすがでござる。

Last night Le Baron de Paris Tokyo hosted a collaborative event for Noritaka Tatehana x Dom Pérignon Rosé. The ‘Wild Night’ celebrated the launch of a new leopard print pattern on the labels of Dom Pérignon Rosé. Japans most famous shoe designer Noritaka Tatehana created a pair of shoes inspired by the image of the iconic brand, these shows were worn by a troupe of dancers who cavorted around cages set up in the club in a ‘Black Swan’ meets ‘Tron’ like manner, wearing the most amazing embellished body suits by Japanese brand Somarta. The Tatehana x Somarta combination is an iconic mix in itself. I had no idea there was going to be this kind of performance, it was fantastic. I think if more people knew they would have been there. I think the balance between trying to keep something exclusive/a surprise and promoting an event effectively so there is a good crowd there is something of a challenge, I know if I had organized last night I would have wanted a lot more people there. I don’t even know anyone who works for Dom Pérignon anymore, I was there to support Tatehana-san. There were a lot of sales guys from LVMH there but they kept to themselves and made their corner of the club feel more like a noisey office. The production of the show was great, like with the fashion show in le Baron last year this was also produced by DRUMCAN.