NYLON JAPAN August 2011

NYLON JAPAN」最新号表紙にミューズ水原希子が起用。彼女の魅力について … 盛り沢山なKIKO ISSUE! とでも言わせて頂こう。さらに本誌ページでは、6月11日に開催された「TOKYODANDY 3RD ANNIVERSARY PARTY」のパーティフォトがコラージュされているではないか。(THANKS NYLON JAPAN.) エリ・ローズ秋本梢沙羅マリマドモアゼル・ユリア、そう … NYLON JAPANでお馴染みこちらのメンバーもアニバーサリーでとびっきりのアティチュードを。とにかく、まだ手に取ってない人は8月号NYLON JAPANを、今直ぐゲットするべし。おっと … マドモアゼル・ユリアの社会見学では、THE DRUMSへの貴重なインタビュー記事が。こちらも要チェックだな。ラストは、オーガニックコスメをテーマに語り尽くす奈良裕也。

The Tokyo Dandy 3rd Anniversary party is featured in the August 2011 issue of NYLON JAPAN!
A couple of years ago Nylon Japan was the first magazine to feature Tokyo Dandy, support we’re very much appreciative of. Actually Nylon in the US was the first website to give Tokyo Dandy a shout out as their ‘blog of the day’ back in 2008.
This issue is a keeper for me as a lot of our friends are inside. Kosuke Adam & Yoon playing at our party, Nara Yuya inside the back cover, the lovely Kozue Akimoto in a photo with Sara-Mary at our Masquerade Party, Mademoiselle Yulia with the boys from The Drums and a few pages of Elli-Rose. In a few years time there will be a whole new cast of people on these pages and out and about in Tokyo town, but at this moment it’s us – and we’re enjoying it. At the end of the day, it’s all about shared experiences and having a great time with friends.

Sentimentality aside, I want to see a new face on the cover of NYLON! KOZUE AKIMOTO, MADEMOISELLE YULIA OR ELLI-ROSE PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!! x x x