parco-shibuya-1973-tokyoPARCO Shibuya’s 1973 advertising

parco-shibuya-2020PARCO Shibuya as it will reappear in 2020

Parco Shibuya, central to both the geographical and cultural landscape of Shibuya since it opened in 1973, closed it’s doors for the final time last Sunday. We’ll miss the Book Center in the basement, the artful advertising that often adorned the side of the building, the lunch options on the 7th and 8th floors, the interactive christmas displays and promotions on the forecourt as well as the regular exhibitions at Parco Museum (which reopens September 1st in Parco Ikebukero).

There will be no time for the structure to become one of Japans famed ‘haikyo’ spots (the abandoned buildings that lend themselves to the photography of urban decay). The site faces immediate demolition to make way for a new building opening before the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. This will leave yet another gaping hole in Shibuya, the station area of which is undergoing mass redevelopment to change the face of the area by 2025. The metropolis continues to evolve.