Radio Foundation – Brain Washing PV

Radio Foundation」のフロントマンとして活動していた宮奥謙馬 (Kenma Miyaoku)の急死から1年となる7月12日。沢山の人々に愛され続ける彼の一周忌に合わせて新たな「Brain Washing」のPVが公開された。謙馬のスウィートなハートは言うまでもなく、モデルとして活躍していた彼の存在。こうして時間は過ぎていく、時間は誰にも止めることができない。そこで、もう一度「宮奥謙馬」という人間を知ってもらうためにも是非上記PVを見てほしい。LOVE KENMA!

A year to the day of his passing, Kenma’s friends have edited together this video for the Radio Foundation track ‘Brain Washing’.

I still think of Kenma all the time. The past year has gone by so quickly. I am happy that tonight I can share the things I usually feel in private with our friends.

Director:Shota Matsuda
Producer:Soichiro Nakayama
Camera,Edit:Kazunari Tanaka
Photographer:Masahiro Miki
Hair&Make:Taro Yoshida

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  • Ash says:

    How tragic. I never got the chance to see RF, but I know that his death was hard on many people. I’m glad he has amazing friends that will keep his memory and music alive forever and always.

  • DoRa! says:

    speechless. i know them by MySpace and i think they’re awesome. i hope they continue making great music, and i believe they do their best.

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