‘Reethym of Lite’ VERBAL as Creative Director for Reebok Classics Asia

Reebok」と言えば … 7月にNYC・マンハッタンのエスパス(Espace)で開催された(HERE)グローバルローンチに続き、つい先日 …(9月15日)グローバル・クリエイティブ・ディレクター、スウィズ・ビーツ(Swizz Beatz)に、アジアクリエイティブ・ディレクターに就任となったバーバル(VERBAL)を迎えてローンチパーティが開催された。そう … この2人のディレクターによってReebokが生まれ変わるのだ。恵比寿ガーデンホールにて開催された「Reethym of Lite(リズム・アンド・ライト)」アジア版ローンチには、モデルの富永愛に、NIGOらが駆け付けたほか、m-floのメンバーとして知られる☆Taku、マドモアゼル・ユリア(MADEMOISELLE YULIA)、トリプル・ニップルズ(TRIPPPLE NIPPPLES)らによるライブパフォーマンスが行われたのだった。さらに、「Reebok CLASSIC」用に制作されたM-FLOコラボレーションソング「RUN」も初披露。「近未来を思わせる空間の中を浮遊する」演出で「Classic Lite」シリーズの軽快さを表現。そんなキャンペーンビジュアルには、グローバルに活躍するモデルのダイスケ水原希子らがVERBAL氏と共に登場。ライブ会場では、3Dプロジェクション・マッピングを使った映像に … 立体物に変化が出る技術。誰しも見入ってしまったに違いない。… 新たに生まれ変わるReebokに期待を。

On Thursday night Reebok Classics Asia Pacific Creative Director VERBAL played host to the launch of the ‘Reethym of Lite’ campaign in Tokyo. This campaign is the first project in the multi-talented Creatives partnership with the Reebok Classics brand. On the night the forces of music, fashion and street wear came together providing the perfect example of multi-media, cross-cultural synergy.
Verbal and his creative teams hands on approach ensured each element of the night was a reflection of where he sees the future of the brand. It kicked off with a track by the Trippple Nippples, fresh off a plane from their European tour. Next up was Mademoiselle Yulia wearing a bodice ree-made from Reebok classic sneakers by GARTER. Verbal then joined the Nippples and Yulia on stage for a track from his debut album VISIONAIR. Wearing a neo-samurai armor of Reebok sneakers that had been created by RUNURUNU (the same designer that the models are wearing together with REEBOK in the campaign) VERBAL whipped up the crowd into a frenzy as DJ TAKU took to the decks to drop M-FLO’s new track, ‘RUN’. At this point, the already stunning back drop of 3D projections kicked into overdrive, bringing to life the campaign imagery as a mystery female vocalist took to the stage wearing an S&M mask made from REEBOKs, again recreated by GARTER. It was a performance like no other taking not only REEBOK but everyone else there to a totally new place. REEBOK Classics Global Creative Director Swizz Beatz was up next, bringing a completely different flavor of Hip Hop dropping Ruff Ryders hits as well as newer tracks such as ‘Reebok’s Back’ and ‘International Party’.

This event was like nothing seen before and that was reflected in the type of crowd it drew, from M-FLO fans to High Fashion editors, hip-hop fans to Art Directors, Street Fashion superstars, models and VIPS including supermodel Tominaga Ai and (the very rarely seen at events) NIGO. Often with these kind of events the launch party eclipses what follows, however with VERBAL’s hands on approach as Creative Director I believe we’ve got a lot more to look forward to from REEBOK.

Thanks to Verbals team and everyone at Reebok for inviting us.

All event photos by Dan Bailey
except Verbal & Nigo, Verbal Swizz and Ai courtesy of Reebok Asia)
REEBOK ‘Reethym of Lite’ campaign photos by Koichiro Doi