沢山のヘアサロンが存在するなか、ひと際目立つ「SHIMA」!美容師を目指している人や、美容業界に詳しい方なら誰しもご存知はなず。そんな「SHIMA」が行う毎年恒例最先端のヘアーを作り出すお披露目「SHIMA HAIR SHOW 2012」が、昨夜(2012年5月22日)恵比寿ガーデンホールにて開催された。会場には美容師を目指す美容学生の子に美容関係者のメディアでごった返していた。1ST STAGEを飾ったのはSHIMA原宿店アートディレクター/クリリティブディレクター奈良裕也だった。モデルにはSHIMAのビジュアルでお馴染み(こちら)沙羅マリーが登場。4部構成となった今回のテーマは「Sign」。それぞれが異なるヘアデザインに技術 … 衣装に演出と観客を圧倒させる見せ方。
また新たにSHIMAからNEW HAIR STYLEが生まれたに違いない!

SHIMA, Japan’s most fashion forward hair salon SHIMA presented their looks for a new season in a spectacular show at Ebisu Garden PLace on Tuesday. The idea of a hair show may seem strange to those outside of Japan but it illustrates how seriously hair-care and styling is taken in Japan. Top hair stylists enjoy pop-star levels of fame and fandom, and no one is bigger than Shima Creative Director Nara Yuya. He was behind this years ‘SHIMA Hit Hair’ campaign (see images here). It’s through images that SHIMA illustrate their vision for hair in the coming year, setting trends for the rest of the industry. The SHIMA hair show is an extension of this, split in to several stages it gives the opportunity for fans, students and press to see their favorite stylists in action. It’s a mix of fashion and music brought together by hair in a pop concert like atmosphere, I’ve never seen a more attractive crowd than the boys and girls at this years show and they were a lot more hyped than previous years. The stage was higher the music louder and the hair bigger. Nara was first up on stage styling this years campaign girl Sara Mary with three more sections took the audience through varying styles and attitudes. This spectacle may seem ridiculous to some but I think it’s important to remember that everyone in Japan has black hair and so the coloring and cutting of this hair is an important part of establishing ones visual identity, just as with the stand out street fashion of Harajuku. It’s a genius way in which to elevate the image of the stylists, the salon and the industry itself.

SHIMA Website

All Photos By Dan Bailey

1st Stage

Yuya Nara

2nd Stage

Jun Yokoyama
Tomomi Sato
Rumi Kaneko
Yuki Kannou
Hidetaka Yukimaru
Yuka Shitsukawa
Keisuke Tsuyuki
Kaori Asawa

3rd Stage

Ai Mitoma
Kenichi Ohmae
Aya Horiuchi

4th Stage

Yuya Nara
Kazuma Baba

Creative Director 小野坂 (SHIMA)
         嶋 香緒里(SHIMA)
     Producer 嶋 義憲