SOMARTA F/W ’11-’12

ファッション・デザイナー、廣川玉枝(Tamae Hirokawa)による「SOMARTA(ソマルタ)」の2011/12年秋冬コレクションが4月21日に発表された。東日本大震災の影響で中止となったブランドも多かったが、デザイナーの廣川玉枝は、こんな時だからこそファンションでの楽しみ方を披露。「metamorphosis」をテーマにプレゼンテーション形式で行われたショー会場では、自然の光を活かし、ピアノとヴァイオリンでの生演奏と、必要最低限の電気以外をカットした模様。足元には … 自然の光で存在感を際立たせる「NORITAKA TATEHANA(ノリタカ タテハナ)」のシューズたちが。季節によって変わる色 … 成長と共に変わり果てる姿 … 人も同じで時間と共に着実に成長しているのだ。そんな意味を持つ2011/12年秋冬コレクションでは、興味深いストーリーを感じ取れた。得意のレースやニット素材のアイテムに、クラシカルな音と共に揺れ動く繊細なアイテムたち。

SOMARTA collections coupled with shoes by Noritaka Tatehana have become one of the most high profile collaborations in Japanese fashion, largely due to since their patronage by a certain Lady Gaga. Their evening together with Dom Perignon was one of my favorite events to photograph in Le Baron this year (photos here) , it was the perfect mix of fashion, performance and nightlife. Entering the SOMARTA F/W ’11-’12 collection space in Daikanyama I knew this one was going to be a little different. The white marble floors and grand piano set the atmosphere for a more elegant and ethereal show to that image I had already built up in my head (this was the first SOMARTA show I’ve had chance to attend in person). The theme of the show was ‘METAMORPHOSIS’, and the change was gradual throughout the presentation. Perched high on their famously heel-less Noritaka Tatehana shoes the models bravely navigated a spiral staircase to take their turns in what at first was an elegant take on classic skirt and top combos which had a work like feel to theme due to a muted color palette, this was brought back into the realm of high fashion by interesting cuts, rich looking fabrics and that typically Japanese layered aesthetic. It was wasn’t until the end of the show that SOMARTAs trademark body suits came through, accessorized by embellished wrap around skirts. One full length dress with a lace like body was amazing in person. Get a feel for the show in the video below.