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ソフィア・コッポラが実写版「リトル・マーメイド」の監督に。人魚姫のアリエルが人間の王子エリックに恋をするアンデルセン童話「人魚姫」。コッポラといえば、これまで「Lost in Translation」「SOMEWHERE」「THE BLING RING」と、女性の心に響く映画で彼女のファンは多い。そして、アリエルの姉妹役にモデルのアンドレイ・ペジックが抜擢されたのだ。

sophia coppolas little mermaid 2Good Excuse to post this photo of Sofia by Jurgen Teller for Marc Jacobs

下記映像は、コメディーサイト(FUNNY OR DIE)が制作したパロディトレーラーで、主演に「The Carrie Diaries」でご存知アナソフィア・ロブが登場。チェックしてみるべし!

Acclaimed Director Sofia Coppola is to Direct a Live Action adaptation of ‘The Little Mermaid’. Filming has yet to begin but the internet has gone into overdrive with rumors of who will be cast in the highly coveted role of Ariel. Early reports suggested Emma Watson, who starred in Coppola’s most recent film ‘The Bling Ring’, would be playing the red haired heroine but the actress claims she hasn’t ben approached nor even seen a script. One cast member who has been announced in the past few days is Model Andrej Pejic who will play one of Ariel’s four sisters. As well as the casting speculation, fan art and parodies have appeared in abundance, our favorite of which is the ‘FUNNY OR DIE’ sketch which uses the established Style, Music and language of a Sofia Coppola to deliver a parody trailer of a film we would actually like to see… (clam shell phones are due a come-back). There’s no release date as yet for ‘The Little Mermaid’.

andrej pejic the little mermaid  1Left: Ariel’s Sisters in Disney’s 1989 Adaptation of ‘The Little Mermaid’ Right: Adrej Pejic

なお、先日発表された「Bobby Abley(ボビー・アブリー)」の2015年春夏コレクションでは、ディズニー映画に影響を受けたファンタジーな世界感を披露。なかでもリトル・マーメイドの「アリエル」をプリントしたノースリーブT(全てのルックはコチラ!

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Meanwhile in London for the LCM Spring/Summer 2015 presentations, Bobby Abley (a participant in MAN – Topman and Fashion East’s joint venture supporting emerging Designers) referenced Disney’s 1989 version of ‘The Little Mermaid’ with abstract eyes from Sebastian and Ursula, Shell-Bra print and ‘Ariel’ in Rapture sweaters. See the full collection here: BOBBY ABLEY S/S 2015