SWAGGER(スワッガー)」が12周年を記念して8日の日にささやかにパーティを開催。DJ陣に、WATARAI, MAAR of DEXPISTOLS/ARCUS, YANATAKE, KOUSKE ADAMらを迎えてSWAGGERジャンキーと共に音に揺れていたとか。DJ陣が着ているTシャツは、12周年を記念して作られたリミテッドエディション。CONGRATULATIONS TO SWAGGER!

CONGRATULATIONS TO SWAGGER! The brand celebrated their 12th Anniversary at their flag ship store in Harajuku last Friday night. I dropped by in time to catch DJ Maar from the Dex Pistols and Kosuke Adam on the decks in front of the impressive SWG sign. The Swagger crew were in attendance all wearing the limited edition Anniversary T’s. One T-Shirt read ‘Building up the legend and the beat goes on and on…’, signifying this brands link with dance music culture. On a side table I took a photo of the special collaboration skull ring SWAGGER has produced with Japanese Jewelry brand GARNI. Once again congratulations to SWAGGER!

The biggest surprise of the night was seeing that the Billionaire Boys Club store above SWAGGER had closed down. I loved the interior to that store. Pharrell is still blogging for BBC HERE.