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住所:東京都港区六本木6-10-1 六本木ヒルズ森タワー53階

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The Mori Art Gallery gives dues to the globally celebrated Artist Takashi Murakami with his first major solo Japanese exhibition in 14 YEARS. Although largely unrecognized by many in Japan, Murakami is one of the leading Ambassadors of ‘Soft Power’, that is, the global dissemination of Japanese pop-culutral aesthetics. This exhibition is long over due and there’s no better place than the Mori Museum which reopened after going renovations earlier this year.

Through his artistic endeavors, Murakami has linked ‘otaku culture,’ character iconography, and Japanese art history against the backdrop of the thematic landscape of post-war Japan, developing the concept of ‘Superflat,’ which has now left its definite mark in the contemporary art world. He explored this concept with his “Superflat Trilogy,” a series of three curated exhibitions held at multiple locations around the world.

In this long-awaited solo exhibition in Japan, Murakami’s 100-meter-long painting, The 500 Arhats , surely one of the largest paintings ever produced in global art history, will be shown in Japan for the first time. The work was created as a token of gratitude to the nation of Qatar, one of the first to offer assistance in the wake of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, and was unveiled in Doha, in 2012, the following year. The exhibition will comprise The 500 Arhats and a number of new works in which he continues to offer up new challenges to the history of contemporary art.

Murakami Takashi ‘The 50 Arhats’
Mori Art Museum
Saturday, October 31, 2015 – Sunday, March 6, 2016