渋谷・道玄坂に位置するイベントスペース Club Contact、駐車場を抜けて階段を降りると「VLTN」と書かれたサインが。そう、ここでは「ヴァレンティノ」2018年リゾートのカプセルコレクションお披露目を記念して、アフターパーティーが開かれていたのだ。会場には何かと話題のミレニアルズと呼ばれる東京のユースたち、圧倒的な熱気で会場を盛り上げていたラッパーのKOHH。



Last night, on the packed street of Shibuya’s Dogenzaka, an attendant stood outside of the carpark entrance to Club Contact in Shibuya holding a sign that read ‘VLTN’. In the basement below models, millenials, celebrities and more were celebrating the opening of a Valentino pop-up boutique a short distance away behind Omotesando Hills. An open bar got the crowd hyped for an electric performance from rapper KOHH, I’ve never seen show at a fashion party in Tokyo so well received.

The night felt relevant for so many reasons. When we started Tokyo Dandy in 2008, our aim was to ‘join the worlds of High fashion and underground street style’ through news and party photos. The concept sounds obvious in 2017 but back then the two were very different things. It’s been noted for a while now that luxury brands such as Valentino are actively pursuing the attention of the millenial market with limited edition merchandise and embracing street style – there was a literally a basketball court in the club last night. I wonder how many of the young ‘influencers’ and party kids present have ever paid to go to a club or a party that wasn’t put on by a brand? I’m not saying things are better before or now merely marvelling and taking note at the speed to which things have changed. I know people questioned what we were doing when we first popped up on the scene.

The walls were plastered with the campaign shot by Terry Richardson. Valentino is one of the few brands that continue to work with the photographer who has long been the subject of sexual harassment and indecent behaviour claims by models. The Harvey Weinstein scandal has put the focus back on Richardson who has been barred from appearing in future issues of VOGUE, GQ and all others under publishing house Conde Nast. I mention this because a Terry Richardson exhibition was the first event we covered on Tokyo Dandy back in May 2008 – so much suddenly seems full circle.

All photos by Dan Bailey