アジアンビューティーを思い浮かべてしまうヴォーグ・チャイナ(VOGUE CHINA)の2つの表紙が登場。そう …. 今や、中国人モデルが海外で引っ張りだことなっているのだ。キャンペーンでの登場はもちろん、ランウェイでもかなりの率で露出が多い。そんなVOGUE CHINAの表紙に中国人と一緒に混ざって微笑んでいるのは、日本を代表するトップモデル、岡本多緒(TAO)だった。今後の彼女の活躍にも目が離せない。見よこの華麗なポージング。

Vogue China presents 2 covers for their September 2010 issue. Whilst neither is particularly striking, I do think it’s worthy of note that in one month Vogue China has more Asian models on its cover than Vogue Nippon has had in its entire history. Japanese model Tao Okamoto, who last year became the 2nd Japanese model to have ever appeared on the cover of Vogue Nippon, is featured in a stunning editorial inside the magazine. Vogue Nippon has some great content and will soon contain ‘Vogue Girl’ inside to target the younger and more ‘Tokyo’ orientated reader – maybe this will follow through onto the covers in the future?